About Us


Otvcloud is a leading company that provides ‘Internet + Video’ products and services to traditional media companies and network operators, as new generation productivity tool and new internet technology innovations. Our company consists of specialists with exceptional proven skills in the field of TMT technology and video content management. We have years of R&D in aspects to internet video, OTT TV, IPTV, DVB, CDN, Cloud computing, intelligent terminals and technology on traditional media system and its operation, and have deep experiences on media content production and management, new media content operation and market promotion. 

    We partner with a variety of exceptional communication and media organizations that exemplify our philosophy of “Cloud First, Mobile First, Data First”. Our extensive partner network helps us expand operation models and precision operation and widely establish coordination with strategic partners from Telecom Operators, Terminal Manufacturers, Iaas Manufactures and Broadcast &Television Operators, and have partnered with tens of industry-leading clients including CCTV, Supersport, CITIC Guoan, Topway, EE-Media, Great Sports and Yangzhou TV Station.

    We are awarded for "double soft enterprise", "high-tech enterprises" and "Microsoft Gold partners.", and acquired for 10 patents, 14 software copyright, 5 software products and 21 trademark certifications.

Our headquarter is located in Shanghai, with R&D centers established in Chengdu and Yangzhou, offices in Beijing and Shenzhen.

Our Philosophy

Cloud First, Mobile First, Data First

Our Mission

Provide the best ‘Mobile Internet +Real-time Video ' service

Marketing Positioning


Our Technology

l  Adaptive streaming platform service (HLS, DASH) featured of Real-time, AMR, and segmentation.

l  High-qualified multi-ratio transcoding cloud(H.264, H.265, 4K,VBR, ABR)

l  Cost-effective video CDN

l  HTML 5 (mobile) internet cloud-based multiscreen video service system based on framework of B/S

l  DRM and anti-theft link tech

l  Internet video platform with programming and precise advertisement

l  Content-featured interactive tech used for video sharing in the cloud, intelligent video recognition and classification.

Our Team

Our core management team consist of the experts from the international video and the senior executives and technical experts from TMT field top companies. They have a deep understanding and rich experience in the Internet Video, OTT TV, IPTV, DVB, Cloud Computing, CDN, Intelligent terminal, and traditional media technology , system and operation .



CEO | Co-founder | Strategy development


Jeff SUN 

COO | Co-founder | Marketing Operation

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

Youneng XIAO

VP | Co-founder | Technology and Solutions


Wenlin CAO

VP | Content Product Operation



VP | Co-founder | Development and Operation